I offer a full range of editing services for fiction and non-fiction—from novels and short stories to feature articles.

Manuscript Assessments

A manuscript assessment is the first step in most edits for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. The multipage document considers the content and organization of a manuscript and provides in-depth comments on the top-five suggestions and strengths—because what’s working is just as important as what isn’t. Included is an in-depth discussion with me, remote or in-person (if local), addressing any questions or concerns the author may have.

This includes:

  • relating the author’s intentions to her execution

  • guiding the author through issues associated with plot, structure, character, dialogue, setting, point of view, voice, and tense

  • annotating a table of contents and preparing a revised outline for structural changes

Substantive Editing

A substantive edit assesses and shapes draft material to improve its organization and content. It includes a Manuscript Assessment plus in-document changes based on the suggestions.

This includes:

  • revising, reordering, cutting, or expanding material

  • writing original material

  • clarifying plot, characterization, or thematic elements

Also known as substantive editing, manuscript editing, content editing, or developmental editing.

Line (Stylistic) Editing

Line editing clarifies meaning, ensures coherence and flow, and refines the language.

This includes:

  • eliminating jargon, clichés, and euphemisms

  • establishing or maintaining the language level appropriate for the intended audience, medium, and purpose

  • adjusting the length and structure of sentences and paragraphs

  • establishing or maintaining tone, mood, style, and authorial voice or level of formality

Copy Editing

Copy editing to ensure correctness, accuracy, consistency, and completeness.

This includes:

  • editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage

  • checking for consistency and continuity of mechanics and facts, including anachronisms, character names, and relationships

  • editing tables, figures, and lists

  • notifying designers of any unusual production requirements

  • developing a style sheet or following one that is provided

  • correcting or querying general information that should be checked for accuracy

Fee Breakdown

Fees for manuscript assessments vary dependant on manuscript length. They range from $250-$500.

Fees for other editing vary dependant on the level of editing required and manuscript length.

I am pleased to offer a free three-page sample of substantive and line edits or copy edits. This will give you an idea of what the edit will look like and increase the accuracy of the estimate.

Dave’s in-depth understanding of story structure and his amazing suggestions after careful and thoughtful consideration of my novel helped me improve my writing and my story. He also was supportive and encouraging in offering praise where deserved. Treat yourself to a knowledgeable, amicable and productive editor. —Bette K.